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Why won't it accept my password?

Your password has upper and lower case letters in it, and numbers. The most common cause of failed passwords is forgetting to use upper and lower case, or forgetting the numbers.

I am using upper and lower case letters and it still won't accept my password. Why?

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, one of the default settings is auto-capitalisation. This means that when the iDevice lets you type in your password, it thinks the first letter should be upper case, and it will automatically put it in upper case. You can see this because the Shift key will turn blue. A lot of people ignore this, hit Shift then type in their first letter. They think they are typing it in upper case, but in reality they have turned shift off and are typing a lower case letter. So be aware of how your iDevice works, and pay attention to the colour of the Shift key.

I log in and it accepts it but I'm still not logged in. What's happening?

You probably have cookies turned off. To log in, and stay logged in, you need to have cookies enabled for this website. Most devices will let you turn cookies off. If you've done that, you can't log in. You can check your settings in iPhone and iPad by going to Settings -> Safari, and looking at what you have got set for "Block Cookies". If it's "Never" or "From third parties and advertisers" then it's fine. If it's "Always" then you are rejecting all cookies and cannot log in. Set it to one of the other options and you will be able to log in.

I've tried everything and still can't get my password accepted. Now what?

Look at the bottom of the login screen. There is a link there called "Get access without password". Click that and you can start the process of getting temporary access to your account.

You get to type in your email address, the one you stored when you joined the website. But it was optional. If you didn't save an email address with the website, then this process won't work. If you don't remember your email address, or you didn't save one, or you can't type your email address correctly, or we can't find it, and we just don't recognise you, then you've exhausted all the possibilities. You better send a message to Ozexpat (see Contact above) and explain the situation.

But if you did store an email address, and you can type it in correctly, and we can find it, then we send you an email with a temporary authorisation link. You get that email, you click on the link, you get access to your account and you can change your password. Easy.