Welcome to Word Game Leagues

If you play the word game Upwords on a mobile device, and you want to play in a structured environment, this is the place for you.

The structured environment of life in the leagues is not for everyone, but it can be very rewarding. Events are timed. Some events last 7 days, some 14 days, some last a whole month. You'll be playing with people on other continents, so your time management skills will be critical. And you'll be playing between 7 and 11 games simultaneously. You'll need space in the game app for that many simultaneous games, so you're going to need the paid version of Upwords. Some players join the weekly and monthly leagues, so they play about 20 games simultaneously. Keep that in mind. It can be a big commitment in time when you play league, but you don't have to play everything, you should just play whatever you are comfortable with.

We have a number of leagues and all of them are for Upwords:

These leagues play all year, every week and every month, no breaks. You are welcome to start with any event, and stop at the end of any event. You don't have to sign up for a whole year. If you can't complete an event, let us know and we can take you out of the event.

And we have a regular monthly tournament. Each event lasts one month. Starts on the first of the month, ends on the 26th of each month. Five rounds of five days each. You play only opponent each round. This is lightweight, but you are playing against opponents rated about the same as you. Only problem - you must finish each game within five days.

We also have the In-Betweenies. These are unstructured, untimed leagues that you can play at any time. This is for Upwords. Add your name to the list, challenge other players, or wait for them to challenge you. No time limits, just fun play with our regulars.

We have three ranking schemes for each league, so you can compare yourself to other players and see where you fit. There's the Top 20 based on your wins. There's the League Points ranking, which is based on your wins in each group. This is a weighted ranking. And we have League Rankings based on ELO Ratings.

If you want to get started, then join this website. We'll take you through a one-week Welcome League to get you familiar with league play, and then you can join any of the regular leagues.